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Video Poker

Video Poker is an electronic or computerized poker, played on consoles similar to that of slot machines.

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The game is played similar to the way real poker is played. First of all, a specified bet is placed before starting of the game. This is done by inserting money just as you do in slot machines. Also, you have options of tickets, but they are not that much flexible and do not provide you with that much convenience. Tickets have bar code on them which is read by the computerized poker machine and the specified amount is betted. The better and more flexible way is to play with coins.

This saves you a lot of time and offers more time to play on the machine. After entering the ticket or inserting the coin in the machine, you press the "Deal" button to initiate the game. This draws you the card. After you have received the cards, the machine gives you option of keeping or discarding one or more cards from the drawn set of cards. If you want to discard one or more of your card, a new card is placed in place of that card. The new card is drawn from the same "electronic" deck of the machine. When finally, the limit of discarding ends, or you end it manually by finally checking your luck, the machine pays out on the "hand" that you have got. The combinations are similar or almost same to that of real poker and payouts are often printed on the console or frame of the game.

The payouts differ from console to console and from casino to casino. But on a typical video poker machine, if you get a pair of jacks, you get the minimum payout. Payouts depend upon the rarity the hand would be available. This is obviously done by calculating probability and other mathematical stuff. The payout also depends upon the casino and differs from one to other. But this should not be misunderstood. The payouts are done under the rules and regulations of government and jurisdictions of the state where the casino is being located or monitored.

The computer programs that generate cards from the virtual decks are random and the programming does not contain any fraudulent techniques. A fixed series is drawn to the player and does not change until the user wish to change the whole hand. The video poker machines are also tested and monitored to comply with the rules and regulations of the jurisdictions and to make sure that the players are not cheated.


Video Poker has grown rapidly since its introduction. It has also became very common among its fans. But, it is not same as table poker and does not involve those typical strategies that are often used in table poker.

A very important hint is that you should not practice the strategies of table poker in the video poker machine. This is because a table poker strategy may fails badly or even don’t apply in the video poker machine.

The highest hands in video poker is of course "Five of a Kind" & "Royal Flush" and is possible only with Wild Cards or Joker.

ONLINE VIDEO POKER and a lot many other websites are available offering the thrilling game of online video poker. You do not need any partners or players. All you have to do is to come up with your own tickets or real money and start right from your computer or from a traditional casino, wherever you like.