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A Slot machine (Slots) is a gambling machine, available at almost every casino online and offline.

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The slot machine usually consists of three or more reels on it, that rolls on pressing a button or also when a level is turned (in traditional slots). Slot machines also have detectors inside them to detect the bill or coin money you bet. The pattern decides what and how much you get in return. The set of patterns are mostly drawn on the slot machine frame. This helps on determine the chances and probability of getting pair or complete set of three. The patterns usually consist of symbols of different things. The randomization or complete system of slot machines has also changed and modified with the evolution of computer and electronic technology. Much advancement is also made through the use of computer increasing reliability in the system making it fairer. Also, slot machines are said to constitute more than 75% earnings of an ordinary casino. This is because they are among the most common gambling games available in any casino.

The game is started by inserting cash or coins which are detected by the detector with quantity or any sort of fraud. There are also “Ticket-out” machines. These machines require tickets with bar code printed on them. These tickets are only eligible on specified slot machines. Then, to start making the reels move, a lever or button is initiated. The button can also be a touch screen which only requires a touch to get initiated. Afterwards, no skills or techniques are required from the player side to be putted in the game to win. Slots are game of total chance and the combinations of reels decide what you will get. The reels starts rolling when the coin is inserted and stop after some time by gradually slowing down, revealing the symbols that your luck has got. The reels stop one by one and the symbols start appearing on the reels. The symbols consist of several ordinary objects that can be easily recognized and differentiated with each other. The symbols are usually fruits, numbers or any other easily understandable objects. Getting several combinations of these symbols gives you the money.


There are many factors that should be kept in mind while playing for deciding to play slots. These factors include the payouts by each slot machine, points credited by each machine and so on. Let’s have a look at these hints.

  • 1) First of all, you should pay attention to the amount of payout before starting your game. You may visit a lot of machines which have different payouts on different combinations of reel symbols. Though a number of slot machines may appear and look similar but they have different payout percentages.
  • 2) You should use coins for playing slot machines. Having bills minimizes the time you can play. If you have coins, you can have a better experience in long term.
  • 3) You should not stick to one slot machine. Instead, you should keep on switching or changing the machines for playing. Experiencing adjacent machines is a good idea when you are not winning much from your machine. This is because the computer programming and probability systems are placed in such a way in the casino.


With today’s world of global village, not only businesses but also poker rooms are right on your lap. You can switch among millions of online free poker rooms to put your luck into slot machines or craps. There are a lot of online slots available for play money as well as real money.

Pedal Power Online Video Slot

Offering massive jackpot cash prizes, Pedal Power video slot is an easy-to-use, user-friendly and flexible online slot machine. You just have to download the software which is quick and easy and start putting your coins right in it. The download time does not exceed 5 minutes and offers you both play money and real money. With nice animations and environments, All Slots Casino offers its Pedal Power Online Video Slot. The game has got five reels with 15 paylines and maximum jackpot of 400,000 coins.


Win Slots Online is another free online slots website offering several slot machines. Here you can easily get started with any one of hundreds of slot machines and experience the thrill of slots.

These and a lot many other websites are available on the internet offering play money or real money in slot machines. Signing up and getting started is extremely easy and straightforward.