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Keno is a gambling game which is like bingo or lottery game. It is often played in the modern casinos.

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It is also offered as a state game in some of the lotteries in United States of America. A traditional keno gambling game is consisted of a circular glass in which eighty ping pong type of balls are closed and these are called ‘bubbles’. These balls determine the ball draw result. Each ball is printed with a number (which are from 1 to 80 on every ball) and the circular shape glass in which the balls are enclosed is also consisted of air blower which blows air to the ball to mix them up.

The caller is a person which presses the lever of opening tube which is of the shape V and is called rabbit ears. The verifier and caller look for the balls, the first 20 drawn in the tube are counted and by using calculating machine the balls are calculated in accordance with the gamblers number.

The players who are interested to gamble take a ticket of keno on which they have numbers given from 1 to 80 and the mark X on there choice of number and the keno as we mentioned before chooses the numbers randomly by that ball machine.

Each casino have their own pay tables and the players get their money paid back in accordance with how many numbers are matched with the result. This game is therefore strictly based on luck. Players can easily find a big deviation in the pay tables from one casino to another and they may also find in the house edge of the play. The players can look for the variations in the city of Las Vegas and that of Reno in about 20 to 30 different kind of pay tables.

The chances to win the house edge game are from zero percent to sixty-six percent while that of non slot machines are from zero percent to five percent.

Online keno is available in wide range and you can easily find this game out on internet. The advantage of playing this game is that it is so much easy and any lucky person or a person looking for luck can try this out. Online keno is interesting to play and you may find out the rates in different variations like one dollar, two dollars or five. What ever you choose the lucky numbers will be shown on your screen and randomly selected numbers like that in traditional keno is displayed and you can get the complete result just sitting at your place. You can also get help using internet about the bids required to know about the keno gaming. You can start off with gambling at your interest but I want to provide a little knowledge before starting off.

  • 1) Never gamble with the money you need now but bet with the excess money.
  • 2) I you strictly want the odds then you must not play the keno game as it is slow and a way to loose your money.
  • 3) If you want a better chance to win the game stay connected with online keno.
  • 4) If you like to play seriously then look for various sites on internet before starting off.
  • 5) The keno professionals mostly decide a list of numbers and they play with same list on each game they played afterwards.
  • 6) Many players think to go with the numbers in next game which not appear in recent time but I would suggest you to stick with some figures not go with every one of them.
  • 7) If you interested to play for a longer time then start off with a longer slot game and this may let you win anything on each card at least.

The game of keno is strictly for those people who like to see there luck and this game have also an addiction like any other casino games. Try this game only if you are serious about it after learning its basics.