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Craps is a casino dice game. In these game players gamble on the outcome of the rolling dice and/or two dice rolls.

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Players bet against each other or against a bank. When they bet against each other it is called street craps and when they bet against banks then it is called casino craps. The craps require a few equipments to play so it is easy to play street craps.

The rules of a bank or casino craps are simple and easy to understand. Bank craps is a game played by one or two players with a bet. The casino takes all players bets on one table and selects the odd payouts. The player who rolls the dice is called a Shooter and the other players bet on the dice number which is rolled by the Shooter. The game is played in various rounds. The dice rolled firstly in the round is known as Come-out Rolled.

The players in casinos bet using the chips which are of different costs. When they won there chips they can take the money from the counter. The cloth of the table on which craps is played is made of special material and it displays the various betting possibilities. The tables have the center for betting. A boxman is an employee who supervises the game at craps table and there are also two base dealers who work along boxman. The stickman announces the results of each roll and stands in front of the boxman.

When the dice is rolled twice the score is count. The players play to get the lucky number seven score. And when they dice the roll twice they have given name for the each moves and people call those name while playing. For example, if a shooter rolled a dice and result is 3 and again its 4 then it is seven out or natural as said by gamblers and another example that when a shooter rolled a dice and result came out is 3 and again he rolled and get a 5 then it is said Hard eight by gamblers. There are name for each rolled scores.

You can also play this game on internet and it is called online craps. Online craps is among the most interesting and public favored casino game. In this game the odds are better as compared to other games which have a luck influential like baccarat, roulette and slots. There are a number of online craps websites which you can log on to have the experience of the finest gaming.

Players are not allowed to pass the dice in hands to one another before rolling due to security reasons. The shooter must roll the dice till it hits the opposite wall. The dice must land on the table and any other place if it lands will not be counted as turn like if it falls in the boxman’s box.

There are a number of online casino crap sites where multiple players can join in the fun at a single time and enjoy the experience of the crap gaming. Moreover they can learn through each other and can know the tricks which are best to be observed.